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leading light helps program

~The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5

Our Leading Light Helps Program is a large part of what we do at Leading Light Labradors.

This program came about because of the healing love that our Labradors have shared with us and with our family and friends. 

What is a Leading Light? 

Leading lights are beacons used to navigate the way for safe passage. 

A Leading Light is also someone of prominence or influence in their community. 


At Leading Light Labradors we strive to be leaders in producing sound temperament, healthy English-style (stocky/blocky-boned) Labrador Retrievers who will make wonderful family pets and be suitable for service, therapy work, obedience, rally, and more. We are well aware of the love a dog can give back to its owner. Spreading God's love to as many people as we can is important to us here at Leading Light Labradors. Our Leading Light Helps Program will fulfill our mission and vision!

Our Mission and Vision:

Leading Light Helps Program: At Leading Light Labradors we know that every puppy is a gift from God and we humbly partner with Him as we care for, love, and raise each puppy. A large part of our mission and vision at Leading Light Labradors is to reflect God's love by placing a number of puppies each year with families in need, families/individuals seeking therapy dogs, and organizations seeking service dogs. We are especially interested in blessing families with children or adults with special needs and veterans and their families.


As this program grows, there will be opportunities for anyone involved with Leading Light Labradors to donate toward this cause. It is our intention to bring alongside of us partners  (fundraisers, trainers, volunteers) who feel called to join our efforts for support, guidance, and impact.


For more information on our Leading Light Helps Program or to partner with us, please send an email to

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